Former Cast Member of ‘Le Rêve’ Joins Marvel’s WandaVision

Watch Amos Glick’s playful jab at his ‘WandaVision’ character

By Josh Bell

Before landing the role of Dennis the delivery man on Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series “WandaVision,” Amos Glick didn’t even know who Vision actor Paul Bettany was. While some people would have killed for the chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for Glick, it’s all more or less gibberish. “I’ve never responded to comic books or superhero stories that much,” he says. “Every time I try to watch a superhero thing and the CGI takes over, I’m lost. I tried, and like five seconds in it’s this massive fighting action flying sequence, and I was immediately bored.”

But Glick, who spent nine years as a cast member in “Le Rêve” at the Wynn and now lives in LA, is a working actor, so he was excited to get the part in what was code-named “Big Red,” even if he barely had any information to go on. “I had no idea what I was really auditioning for,” he recalls. “It was very mysterious. I didn’t hear the name possibly until after I got on set.”

Initially contracted for a single day of work, Glick ended up appearing in six episodes of “WandaVision.” His character evolved over the course of the series, as one of the townspeople trapped in the sitcom-style world created by powerful telekinetic Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and subject to her superpowered will.

When the show began streaming on Disney+ in January, Glick was introduced to a whole new world of obsessive Marvel viewers and their intricate fan theories. “It was this incredible waterfall of hilarity for me,” he says of the fan response, which included his own friends. “They would zero in on one line or one glance that I made, and there would be this whole interpretive thing going on about it.” Although Glick knew that there would be no huge reveal of Dennis as a major Marvel player, that didn’t stop the rampant speculation.

Inspired by that experience (and perhaps also by his own Marvel outsider status), Glick teamed with a music producer friend to create the song “Dennis the Mailman: Just the Messenger!” a playful jab at all the fan insistence that his character had some deeper meaning. “This is my specialty, creating comedic songs for stuff that I’m involved with, where I know all the players and I’ve got an angle,” he explains, mentioning songs he created for “Le Rêve” castmates, or for friends’ weddings.

For the music video, Glick looked back to his time in Las Vegas, teaming with local filmmakers Mike and Jerry Thompson, who also worked with Glick on his 2015 short film “A Man Wakes Up.” The result is a hilarious clip that pokes fun at Marvel fandom in a loving way. It’s the kind of thing that often goes viral in fan culture, although that hasn’t happened yet. “What I really wanted was for people in the cast, the main players and the director, to see it and somehow publicly indicate that they saw it,” Glick says. For now, it’s an unassuming piece of background Marvel lore, much like Dennis himself.

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