Halloween by the Hits: 10 Costumes with Major Play

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Singles Serving Inspo for 2020's Trendiest Halloween Getups

By Tiffany Bosman

Song – Old Town Road, Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

Costume – Intergalactic Cowboys

Be it a look from the actual video or something more inspired by the red carpet outfits worn by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus at the 2020 GRAMMYS, there’s endless inspo to be had from the unlikely duo that spawned the biggest song of 2019.

Song – Toxic, Britney Spears

Costume – Flight Attendant

Didn’t log as many frequent flyer miles as you’d hoped to this year? Transform into the ultimate femme fatal of flight, the sexy stewartess herself, Britney Spears.

Song – Paradise City, Guns n Roses

Costume – Axl Rose and Slash 

While concerts and festivals didn’t reign supreme this year, you can bring the stadium star energy to your socially distanced gathering this weekend by grabbing your bf or bff and going as one of the ultimate rock duos of all time. 

Song – Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Costume – Joe Exotic 

Few moments were more iconic this year than when Joe Exotic entered our screens and our hearts earlier this year. Love him or hate him, his undeniable signature style makes for a great solo costume, or get some tiger friends for a larger group.

Song – Physical, Dua Lipa

Costume – Retro Fitness Model 

Listen, the Quarantine-15 is real. Get your groove back by getting physical with some retro gear like bright colored leotards, tube socks and white sneakers that would make Dua proud. 

Song – The Best, Tina Turner

Costume – Schitt’s Creek Cast Members (mix and match)

With endless mix and match cast combo options you and your friends can pick who will be Johnny, David, Alexis and more this Halloween, although with the dozens of scene stealing wigs and LEWKS including the epic Crowning moments, you could all go as different versions of our beloved Moira Rose.

Song – WAP, Cardi B feat. Meg Thee Stallion 

Costume – Cardi B / Meg Thee Stallion / Kylie Jenner / Normani / Rosalia / Mulatto / Ruby Rose / Sukihana

There’s no shortage of video vixens to choose from in this star-studded music video moment. While Cardi and Hot Girl Meg steal the spotlight, don’t sleep on the outfits worn by Jenner, Normani, Rosalia and more. 

Song – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head, Dean Martin

This Netflix retro resurgence series brought back memories for anyone that grew up watching the ’80s martial arts classic Karate Kid films. Fun for the whole family, you can outfit yourself or your little ones in individual or competing character looks bound to incite some epic living room battles. 

Costume – Cobra Kai characters Daniel LaRusso (aka Karate Kid) and/or Johnny Lawrence 

Song – Hypnotize, The Notorious B.I.G. 

Costume – Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka The Notorious R.B.G. 

We lost a feminist pioneer this year … but few had a look as recognizable as the iconic and Notorious R.B.G. Her collection of lace collars will forever symbolize fighting for equality in our nation’s highest court. 

Song – Dreams, Fleetwood Mac

Costume – Nathan Apodaca aka the Skateboarding Ocean Spray Guy

In a rare uplifting 2020 moment, a man skateboarding down the street while drinking cranberry juice simultaneously stole our hearts and breathed new life into a 40+ years old classic tune all while giving us all a few seconds of carefree living. Both costume and vibe are easy to throw together and recreate, bonus points if you can actually ride the skateboard you’ll be carrying with you. 

If you have noticed a typo, please let us know.

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