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The ‘Less Than 10 People, No More Than Two Households’ Playlist

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It's a unique year, to say the least, but even without large gatherings we can still revel in holiday music

By Tiffany Bosman

It’s Not the Holidays without Good Music

While we stay safe and warm inside our homes, let’s listen to some feel good songs to get us into the holiday spirit. Sometimes the right song can spark a dance party in your living room. Here’s 10 songs to keep this season bright.

Pretty Paper” Dolly Parton ft Willie Nelson

A match made in country Christmas heaven, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson come together for this sweet holiday melody accompanied by a delightful animated video featuring both of them. 

Don’t Shoot Me Santa” The Killers

These Vegas hometown heroes have a knack for Christmas songs, but this fan favorite reigns supreme. The video features Ryan Pardey (a downtown local celebrity in his own right) as a bad bad Santa who kidnaps and then plans to dispose of frontman Brandon Flowers in a less-than-glamorous trailer park murder—but the rest of the band manages to rescue him just in the Saint-Nick of time.   

While this song came out in 2019, lyrics like, “I’m burnt out like lights on a tree,“ and, “I spent too many hours crossing days off the calendar,“ make it the perfect 2020 bah humbug anti-holiday song. The hilariously ridiculous and gruesome Claymation video that accompanies it is the cherry on top.  

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Bevlove

Detroit songstress Bevlove revisits a Christmas classic during her first winter in L.A. When you can’t be home for a white Christmas, you bring the white Christmas to you! 

Oh Santa!” Mariah Carey ft Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

The queen of Christmas is back and this time she brought friends. An instant classic, this upbeat jingle is a major reprieve from an otherwise grim year. Watch Mariah, Ariana and JHud sing and sway in their immaculate holiday gowns to an audience of understandably enthusiastic elves. Sure to bring cheer.

Merry Christmas Baby” Bruce Springsteen

The Boss and his band bring the Christmas feels in this live performance recording. If you’re looking to add a little rock and soul to your party mix, this should do the trick and the E-Street brass section does not disappoint.  

Glittery” Kasey Musgraves ft Troye Sivan

This sweet and airy tune and accompanying video from The Kasey Musgraves Christmas Show warms even the coldest of hearts this holiday season.  

Holiday” Lil Nas X

Hip Hop newcomer Lil Nas X continues to shock and awe with this outlandishly futuristic video where the costumes alone make it worth the watch. Both catchy and eye-catching are his specialties, but as a warning, this poppy tune is explicit.

Here This Christmas” Gwen Stefani

Lovely enough to be the official theme to Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas,” Gwen Stefani continues to expand her holiday repertoire with this newly released number. 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” DMX

While the more polished recorded track on Spotify is still wild as it is, the best part of this unlikely pairing is the original video of DMX freestyling the song a cappella during a 2012 interview at the New York Power 105 studio. It’s a must-see.

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