Reaves' New Release and Station Casinos Memes Business

An emoticon guide to Las Vegas’ top headlines

By Larry Braverman

Grab a couple Grim Reavers and snuggle up this Valentine’s Day!

Reavo Killing It in the Beer Game

🍺 🍻 🏒 Entrepreneur and Golden Knights star Ryan Reaves can never leave this city. He’s too cool to lose, and if he keeps up his off-ice ventures, we’re gonna have to make him mayor someday. This week, Reavo dropped Grim Reaver, the latest addition to his 7Five Brewing Co. portfolio. It’s a “smooth, rich” black Imperial Stout that features layers of Munich and chocolate malts with roasted barley and oats.

Grim Reaver was “inspired by a mentality of harnessing your greatness to face off with what life throws at you,” according to a news release. Reaves himself says, “It’s personal. We’re heading into battle. I’m in the Grim Reaver mentality. We’re channeling our greatness and are focused on the goal.” It must be already working because the Knights are on a roll. We’ll get back to you about that mayoral run later, Reavo.

Stay Home and Snuggle

🎥 💝 😘 Don’t feel bad if you’re spending the first Valentine’s Day of the decade on the couch with your honey. We’re still in a pandemic, and science suggests we should be double-masking on our way out the door. Why bother, especially when you can order in and watch rom-coms all day Sunday. For your enjoyment, OTS’s Melissa Gill has assembled a list of must-see flicks with Vegas Valentine vibes. At the very least, they’ll distract from the lack of football. Speaking of …

Was This a Raiders Tryout?

🏈 👙 🏟 Thank science for 31-year-old Yuri Andrade, the swimsuit-wearing fan who stormed the field in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, offering a split-second of joy to an otherwise whiny social media landscape while also allowing Patrick Mahomes to catch his breath before he was forced to run for his life again.

Andrade made it a good 30-40 yards before security converged on him, but, for some reason, he decided to slide at the 1-yard line rather than go for the touchdown. Straight out of the Jon Gruden playbook. If you’re familiar with the ineptitude of the Las Vegas Raiders, you have to wonder if Andrade is gonna get a call from the team. One can just imagine Chucky sitting in his office watching the tape, seeing the slide and shouting out, “Sign this dude!” while Tostitos crumbs spilled down his shirt.

Meme-ing When It Matters

🏈 🎤 💡 That meme of The Weeknd lost in a hall of mirrors and lights is going to be with us for as long as we live (and longer), but it sure was fun at the beginning, right? By Monday morning, any brand trying to jump on the trend was late to the game, but let’s give serious props to Station Casinos, which dropped their “meme take” just minutes after The Weeknd found his way back onto the field. Nicely played, Station.

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