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3 Digital Tools For Creating Your 2021 Vision Board

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As the architect of your dreams, here are some tips on building your empire

By Melissa Gill | @melissa.m.gill

Imagine your alarm ringing two hours before your shift. This gives you just enough time to accomplish your new workout routine. As you finish your fifteenth sit up, a drop of sweat trickles down your face. The next day your abs are sore, but you’re putting in the work to meet your goals. After working out everyday, you can close your eyes and easily picture your fitness routine. When you look at your vision board every morning, you see a picture of a treadmill. The next time one goes on sale, you buy it. It’s no coincidence. 

Vision boards can be an effective way to manifest your dreams, especially if you think of them more as action boards. A digital dream board is a creative way to organize your ambitions and a visual reminder of what you want to accomplish. I create one every year and I fulfill at least two to three goals every time. 

A Vision Board Can Lift Your Spirits

In the midst of the pandemic, creating a vision board can be a therapeutic way to express yourself. Wellness expert, Nitika Chopra, told the Washington Post that a vision board “is a gift to yourself to take your mind off the current despair, even for just an hour.”

Tip: Focus on your ideas rather than material things. Have a growth mindset, including both internal and external goals.

Are the Powers of Manifestation a Fluke?

Studies have shown that visualizing success without visualizing the work to achieve it, may increase chances of failure. It’s true! To make your vision board work, you have to put in the work, too.

However, for many years, athletes have used visualization to prepare for competitions. Veteran American aerialist skier Emily Cook, told the New York Times, that mental imagery helped her combat her fears and improved her performance. In other words, you have to visualize the work, not just the results.

Tip: Choose images associated with actions you need to take to meet your goals. For example, instead of just adding pictures of a new dish you want to cook, include the recipe on it.

Many Successful People Use Vision Boards

Believe it or not, several celebrities experienced fruition from making vision boards. From Oprah Winfrey to Cardi B, successful people say their vision boards played an important role in manifesting their dreams. 

How to Get Started

Take time to think about what you want to accomplish and how you can achieve it. Choose images, quotes and methods related on how it can be done. Be as specific as you can. Then, you’ll have a sense of direction when you’re ready to take the first step.

Here’s 3 free tools to get you started on your action board:

  1. Vision Board: This app is designed just for this purpose. When you open the app, it gives you a photo grid with prompts of what to fill it with. The prompts may be helpful if you’re not sure where to begin. However, you can add whatever images you want. This is a great app for building your first board.

  2. Canva: Search dream board layouts on the app. You can fill in the layout with your own photos and personalize them however you want with text, colors, shapes, images and more. There are many different styles to choose from. On your phone, you can easily create a vision board with this tool.

  3. Pinterest: Many people use Pinterest to create boards for various interests, such as their dream wedding, DIY projects and more. To find images for your vision board, this app is full of endless inspiration. It’s easy to create a new board on this app, organize it and snap a photo of it. Your Pinterest collage can be a great way to gather all your ideas in one place. 


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Tip: Set your digital board as the background on your phone, your lock screen and as your work desktop. Let it serve as a daily reminder to help you stay on track.

We hope these tools will help you along your journey. Having goals to work on right now, whether it’s earning a college degree or starting a new business, can give us something to look forward to right now. 

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