3 Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses Year Round

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Be an active ally by advocating, shopping at and spreading the word

By OTS Staff

The Black Lives Matter Movement, nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, woke up millions of Americans in 2020. Awareness of and advocacy for creating a nation upholding unity and equality has helped this movement develop progressive changes. However, there is still plenty of work left to do.

Create change by listening to Black entrepreneurs and Black leaders and then take action. According to Black business leaders, here are three ways we can help make a difference:

Advocate Breaking Barriers

In an interview with Business Insider, CEO Alexandra Caroll, part of the Dreamers & Doers collective, says, “Discriminatory lending practices are well-documented for Black business and homeowners.” For example, understanding the barriers caused by systemic racism, such as the generational wealth gap and redlining, are important for the average person advocating to change our corrupt system.

Likewise, we must be vocal by sending letters to our government leaders and signing petitions supporting equal rights. Learn how to help the Black Lives Matter Movement here.

Shop at and Donate to Black-Owned Businesses

Connie Evans, CEO and president of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, explained in an interview in Entrepreneur multiple ways we can strengthen the Black community. She emphasized the importance of supporters spending their money at minority-owned businesses.

Evans told Entrepreneur, “If you’re in a community where there aren’t many minority-owned businesses or you’re not sure where they are, there are Black directories out there and organizations that can link them to Black businesses.” Find minority-owned businesses here.

Share Information About Black-Owned Businesses

If tight finances make it difficult to donate or shop at the moment, then we can promote Black-owned businesses in other ways. For example, we can spread information by word of mouth, sign up for their newsletters and write reviews. And it only costs a little bit of your time and energy.

Amari D. Pollard, a Black writer and audience development strategist, wrote in Reader’s Digest, “Showing your support for companies is as easy as following them on a social platform and actively reposting news on their products, services and achievements.” Word of mouth is a great way to increase engagement for minority-owned business and promote their work.

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