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Just Say No to Swabs, the Spit Test Is Here

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Local cannabis marketplace starts COVID-19 saliva testing its employees

By Melissa Gill | @Melissa.m.gill

While COVID-19 continues to spread, affordable and accessible testing for everyone is crucial. Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, a Las Vegas dispensary, is the first to partner with Mirumus Inc. to supply their employees with COVID-19 saliva testing. Thrive has five dispensaries which employ about 300 Nevadans. To keep their staff and customers safe, the company tests their workers on a weekly basis.  

Mirumus Inc., an innovative leader in the field of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing,  introduces another way to administer tests through their SalivaClear platform. This platform consists of three components: saliva based sampling, pooled testing, and PCR molecular diagnostics. While individual tests cost between $75 to $150 each, this pooling test provides high quality results at a lower cost.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About SalivaClear’s COVID-19 Test

Samples of saliva for testing are painlessly self-collected.

The tests are combined or pooled, which reduces the number of tests needed.

Studies by Yale said that these tests are just as effective as nasal tests.

Unlike nasal swabs, medical personnel aren’t required to collect them. 

This process is a safe, simple and low cost way to get results. 

Mirumus Inc. has 10 years of experience conducting PCR testing.

How Does Pool Testing Work?

SalivaClear collects up to 24 individual samples of saliva to create one specimen for testing. After they collect the samples, the company runs a diagnostic on the entire pool. When a pool tests positive, the pool is narrowed down into two groups of 12 to distinguish the individuals who tested positive. Testing more than one person at a time also saves time and resources when it comes to getting results. This may be a solution to the issue of shortages of individual test kits and those who cannot afford to pay for one. Harvard says another benefit of saliva tests is that it reduces the amount of necessary interactions with healthcare workers because a person can independently provide a sample by spitting into a cup. Less interactions will help decrease the usage of medical supplies, such as masks, gloves and other protective materials needed, which quickly go out of stock. 

Learn More About SalivaClear Testing

Thrive strives to break the stigmas around cannabis. The company is passionate about the wellbeing and safety of the community. For more information about SalivaClear visit Mirumus Inc.’s website.

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