3 Reasons Billie Eilish is a Perfect Fit For a Las Vegas Residency

Eilish dreamed of this performance many times last year

By Melissa Gill | Las Vegas, NV | Life is Beautiful

On Sunday, September 19, Billie Eilish performed a 90-minute set on Life Is Beautiful’s main stage. She appeared in fog atop a giant ramp to a roaring crowd. Fans in the audience stood elbow to elbow in awe. She opened the show with two fan favorites, “Bury A Friend” and “You Should See Me in A Crown.” Eilish wore a warm smile expressing she was “Happier Than Ever” to return to LIB. 

“You guys, it’s been so long! This feels like a dream I’ve had many times last year… I can’t tell you how excited I am to be with you guys and see all your beautiful faces.”

She owned the stage like it hadn’t been nearly a year and a half since she last delivered a full concert. Prior to this event, she only sang a handful of songs for her performance on Saturday, September 18 at the iHeart Radio Festival.

From the elaborate stage production to her rapidly growing fan base, here are three reasons we hope she has a Las Vegas residency some day.

The Enchanting Stage Sets

Las Vegas shows are larger-than-life and Eilish rises to the occasion. 

For her track “Halley’s Comet,” the set transformed into a whimsical carousel. Her backdrop fit her playful body language with the crowd.

When she sang “Ocean Eyes,” the stage glowed a shimmery cerulean. She appeared underwater as the blue light illuminated her face. The crowd sang along to the chorus in unison.

For the finale, the screens appeared glitchy and green as she jumped around for her first single to debut in the top 10 of Billboard 100, “Bad Guy.” The flashy lime lights fit the quirky track and matched the audience’s energy.

From the moment she took the stage to the moment she waved goodbye, each song had its own unique lighting and special effects animating each track. Not an inch of the set was lifeless. Eilish gave her fans a fun and heartfelt performance.

This city is equipped to house fully-loaded performances like Eilish’s and design complex sets. Her creativity could blossom into new avenues if she accepted a residency on the Strip. 

Eilish’s Honesty Charms the Crowd

Eilish performances share her down to earth and silly personality. Although she is a mega superstar, she doesn’t flaunt it that way to her audience. She speaks to them like they are old friends she missed when the world paused last year.

She confessed after working the crowd how she had “a wedgie the whole time” after one song and she let out an occasional mischievous laugh between sets. Her playfulness makes her relatable and her honest, carefree personality is refreshing.

When she’s on stage, she’s having a good time and the audience picks up on that.

At one point during her show, she asked the audience to live in the moment and put their phones away.

“Enjoy that we are here and alive and breathing and well…can we live in the moment because this is all we get.”

Eilish also got emotional talking about the toll of climate change on the environment and the way it’s affecting the planet. She asked the audience to take care of it and hold politicians accountable. 

“Our planet is dying and it’s really f***ing scary… [it] makes me cry.”

Her openness and vulnerability makes her genuine. And her fans dig it.

Eilish’s Devoted Fanbase

The festival-goers that flashed on the screens during her performance showed a range of emotional joy as she frolicked around the stage.

Some fans, nearly in tears, sang along to every word of every song. Other fans fed off her energy bouncing around to her music the entire time while waving glow sticks. One Eilish aficionado even held up a hot pink sign that said she loved Billie.

If she had a residency in Vegas, I have no doubt it would sell out right away. Her latest album “Happier Than Ever” reached 50 million streams and sold 23,000 copies. And she’s only 19 years old. 

She keeps rolling out albums that skyrocket to the top of the charts and she loves the energy of this town. I think it’s safe to say that if she plans to make Vegas a longer stay someday, the city will fall under her spell, too. 

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