Seafood Spot Crab N Spice is Coming to Las Vegas Fall 2021

Eat Dungeness crab, lobster and shrimp with their special Crab N Spice sauce

By Melissa Gill | Las Vegas, NV | Crab N Spice

“We’re not just using typical ingredients you can just buy off a shelf,” says McMillian Latayan, CEO of Crab N Spice franchise. He can’t disclose any of the details, but their secret sauce keeps people coming back for more.

It’s All About Flavor and Fun

Crab N Spice, a seafood restaurant conceived in Ventura, California in 2014, is opening a new location in Las Vegas in fall 2021. In California, they have six locations, but this will be their first Vegas franchise. And their flagship store. The new venue will be about 3,500 square feet with a front patio that can seat about 30 to 40 people. With two different dining areas, the restaurant’s equipped to accommodate any special occasion. The new seafood haven includes an alcohol menu still in the works.

With several TVs around the restaurant, they are sure to be a new favorite spot for sports lovers to gather for game nights, too. Whether guests want to dig into fresh crab while watching a Raiders game or celebrate their kid’s birthday, the eatery is a versatile, family-friendly space.

In vein with restaurants like Boiling Crab, this restaurant serves up fresh Dungeness crab, lobster and shrimp, but they offer something that makes them special—Crab N Spice sauce. Add the sauce on everything they serve from the high-quality seafood to the garlic noodles. It goes with everything. There is also a beer and a cocktail menu. The food is packed with bold flavors and delivered in a fun way. Don’t forget to wear your bib. The best food is always the messiest.

Sharing Filipino Family Traditions

The idea of Crab N Spice came from a family that loves to eat with their hands and enjoy mouthwatering seafood. His cousin Jerrico Reyes, envisioned the idea and brought the dream of, “a different level of seafood boil”, into reality with his business partner, Marlon Arsenal.

“We love that concept because as a family tradition, we as Filipinos do that all the time, eat with our hands, have a good time with our family and friends,” says Latayan.

This family-owned restaurant fuses their flavors inspired by their culture into the food, but they also showcase their strong culinary background.

His cousin, Jerrico Reyes plus Latayan’s wife Kim, his mother in law, and other family members Arnold and Jerome, all contribute a wealth of knowledge that shines through in their recipes. Combining all of their skills and strengths, they bring with them over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry. Creating this restaurant came from the heart of the family running Crab N Spice. 

This is why getting that secret sauce just right was crucial to Jerrico Reyes. Reyes told Latayan he lost sleep while experimenting with flavors through countless attempts of trial and error. All of it came together by a labor of love.

Why Crab N Spice Loves Las Vegas

This is the love Crab N Spice aims to share with Las Vegas. After spending the majority of their lives in L.A., Latayan and his wife have now lived in Vegas for four years. They appreciate how tight knit the culinary community is here and how the city is full of hidden gems.

“What’s great about Las Vegas is that everybody is very loyal to the community,” says Latayan. “What people don’t realize is that in Las Vegas there are hidden gems, hidden restaurants, [and] hidden places. If [people] just drove for 15-20 minutes, [they would find places they] didn’t know existed. That’s what makes Las Vegas very, very unique.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Crab N Spice! We look forward to throwing on a bib and cracking open those juicy King crab legs this fall.

Crab N Spice will be located on 7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Unit 100 Las Vegas, NV 89128. They also are working on adding more Las Vegas locations in the near future.

Visit Crab N Spice’s website to learn more.

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