Las Vegas Strip’s Planet Hollywood Sign Moves to Neon Museum

Iconic sign finds a new home downtown

Let’s tell truths. If you can make it 27 years on the Las Vegas Strip without a rebrand or remodel, you’re iconic, and there’s a special place for you when you’re retired.

For the old Planet Hollywood sign, it’s the Neon Museum north of Downtown Las Vegas. The museum announced this week that it has received the famous Planet Hollywood globe that once directed millions of movie fans to the theme restaurant inside The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. It will now get a closer look from museum leadership as they determine where and how to display the 12,000-pound, 25-foot wide sign, which was taken down and hauled away in four pieces last week. 

The removal of the sign marks the end of an era on the west side of the Strip. Comprised of neon, metal, fiberglass, and incandescent light bulbs, among other materials, the globe-shaped symbol of Tinseltown was installed in 1994 during Planet Hollywood’s heyday, when celebrity owners Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger would join founder Robert Earl for red carpet appearances at restaurant openings around the world.

The Las Vegas location was a top earner for the company, but the restaurant chain famously faltered after going public in 1998. Today, the Forum Shops restaurant is one of only seven Planet Hollywood restaurants left in the world, and the nearby Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino – which does not have a Planet Hollywood restaurant inside – is one of four themed resorts (a fifth, in St. Maarten, is set to open in 2022).

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