Virtualis VR opens at Area15 in Vegas

Virtualis VR includes multi-sensory 4D special effects

By Melissa Gill

Imagine you and your friends are transported into an ancient temple of a long-lost civilization assigned on a perilous mission. All of you must work together to find the legendary “Diamond Skull” before it is too late. The temple is an unstable, complex structure with treacherous traps lurking around every corner. This is a glimpse of one of Virtualis VR’s simulations at AREA15. 

What is Virtualis VR?

Experience 4D special effects

Powered by TrueVRSystems, Virtualis VR is the largest, most advanced VR Roam immersive playground in the United States. With a tagline stating that “Reality is not enough,” this virtual reality system engages up to 10 players at a time in a 2,000 square-foot arena. Virtualis VR offers adventures fitting for both adolescents and adults to explore. The company encourages everyone to experience getting lost in an epic journey through this cutting-edge technology.

Wearing high-tech VR headsets and advanced VR backpacks, the simulation utilizes full body tracking, 4D effects, tracked props and haptic weapons to immerse players into another universe. The 4D effects include multi-sensory experiences such as wind, heat, scent, and haptics. 

Virtualis VR offers four different 4K adventure experiences Tikal-Night Of The Blood Moon, Temple Of The Diamond Skull, The Lost City, ShowDown plus Patient Zero coming soon.

After reading a teaser of the Diamond Skull venture, feast your eyes on the other missions available or coming soon to Virtualis VR.

Here are four other experiences to discover:

Tikal-Night Of The Blood Moon– Mayan myths become a reality when an evil awakening rises from the shadow of the Blood Moon. Will you and your team stop the menace in time before all is lost?

The Lost City– After the military’s combat operation fails to recover the city from zombies, you and your comrades must step into defeat hordes of zombies from destroying what remains of the city. You and your friends are the world’s last hop in reclaiming the city from the undead. “Godfather” Headquarters will instruct you all how to escape this apocalyptic disaster alive. 

ShowDown–Gamers wanting to play a person versus person shooter simulation is right up your alley. This game splits groups into two rival teams trapped in an abandoned military warehouse. Across three different levels all with unique map layouts, the two teams battle in an ever-changing environment. This shooter challenge equips players with fully automatic and tracked VR weapons with realistic haptic feedback.

Patient Zero–Zombies invaded. You and your squad are sent to a secret bunker to retrieve the original virus to develop the antidote. Together you all must find the file “Patient Zero” which holds the key to the cure. This simulation is coming soon.

Interested in taking on one of these blood-pumping virtual reality ventures? Book a VR experience on their website. 

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