Meet Las Vegas Fashion Baby Maliha Hafiza Abdi

Maliha wears bow headbands, plays with her Einstein music box and aims to become the change the world needs

Name: Maliha Hafiza Abdi

Age: 7 months

Who’s mom and what does she do?
My mom’s name is Kristy and she has her own business called KC Beauty and Body. She does body sculpting and is an aesthetician. I love my nightly facial massage after bath time.  

Who’s dad and what does he do?
My dad’s name is Mustafa a.k.a. the Moose and he is the Director of Marketing for Clique Hospitality.

Do you like mom or dad better and why?  
I love them both but I’m with my mom, like all the time. So when my dad is home I just light up inside. He’s the person I laugh with daily, have the best time listening to music with and we break all the rules mommy has for us, which is really fun.

Favorite thing to do with mom?
She always takes me on fun trips. I’ve been to four states and 10 cities already.

Photo Courtesy of Kristy and Mustafa Abdi 

Favorite thing to do with dad?
Karaoke and YouTube concerts with my dad is fun, but my favorite thing to do with my dad is watch the 49ers games!

Thoughts on a baby brother or sister?
Give me a sibling! I hope they’re awful so I always remain the favorite child.

Photo Courtesy of Kristy and Mustafa Abdi 

When’s the right time for babies to join TikTok or Insta? Have you jumped in the game?  
I love the camera but my dad says until I’m 13, you won’t see anything from me.

Career goals?
I just want to be the change the world needs. I still have lots of time to figure out a career path. For now, I just plan on staying cute and happy.

What’s the best toy you own?
My baby Einstein music box. My mom couldn’t find it and had to get me another one. Now I have two because it was found. She thinks my dad and I planned it.

What do you do for fun?  
I love being outside and playing in water.

What snack can you not put down?  
Not really a snacker but my favorite thing is eggs and avocado. YUM YUM!

Vegas Golden Knights or Las Vegas Raiders? Or another team?
We can say Vegas Golden Knights! But my daddy is molding me to be Niner Faithful when it comes to football. He says we bleed Red and Gold in this house!

Who’s your bestie?
Olivia Wise!

How do you describe your style?
I love puff or ruffled sleeves, bow headbands and rompers. Not really a dress girl yet. Can’t wait for colder season so I can bust out my furs.

Hope for the world right now?
I hope that a nation divided can find a way to be united again. And I pray to one day see a free and prospering Afghanistan. I also hope Nick Cannon will get a vasectomy, thank you. 🙏

What’s your favorite children’s charity?
Camp Taylor! It’s a charity my dad’s worked with for many years before I was born and they are a summer camp for children born with heart disease/defects.

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