Las Vegas’ Joy Pop Co. Creates Sweet Summer Desserts

Lick frozen pops like Birthday Cake and Pineapple Chili Lime

By Melissa Gill

“We didn’t choose the popsicle life, the popsicle life chose us,” says Kayla Younglove; the other half of family-owned business, Joy Pop Co., a popsicle company conceived by her and her husband Brian Younglove. 

What Sparked the Idea for Joy Pop Co.?

After six to nine months of “kicking around ideas” for their new business, the couple decided on Joy Pop Co. while staying in Hawaii. Brian said he got off the phone with work in the hotel and told Kayla, “We’re going to start a business.” He left the corporate world to begin a new career with his wife. Although it’s a major life change, he embraces the positives of taking a new path. 

“It’s challenging. It’s all on you [owning your own business], but it is an amazing learning experience. We’ve learned so much and grown so much. That part’s been awesome, making an impact on something,” says Brian.

The couple and their kids moved from California back to Kayla’s hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada. The hot temperatures paired with their refreshing popsicles sounded like a “solid match” for their new frozen pop shop to find a home in Vegas.

“We really wanted to start Joy Pop Co. because we wanted to start our own business. We saw an opportunity to combine our love of dessert and fresh farm ingredients here in Las Vegas,” says Kayla. 

They source fresh ingredients from local farms such as Gilcrease Orchards, Greendale, Desert Bloom and others. With Vegas grown produce, the business utilizes local resources that help circulate the wealth for small businesses within the community. Kayla says she loves to use herbs, fresh produce and seasonal fare.

Focusing on Moments of Joy

After volunteering for four to five years at Royal Family Kids in California, the Younglove’s experiences with mentoring foster children has shaped their mission to spread joy and awareness through their service. Brian and Kayla express their passion for making a difference in the community by working with local organizations and programs. 

“Focusing on moments of joy” they aim to contribute to the Vegas community through partnering with non-profits like Hannah’s Closet and the Department of Family Service, plus donating funds, time and resources to help children in need. Kayla explains that she loves Vegas’ “great energy” and that it’s an “exciting time to be part of the community.” During the pandemic, she says the community has helped her and her family through hard times. This family-owned business aims to reciprocate that kindness and generosity.

“We learned some of the [foster] kids grew up without ever celebrating a birthday,” says Brian. “[It’s] a big piece of where we came from and participate in as we grow.”

On Running a Business as a Married Couple

When asked about what it’s like running a business together as a married couple, Brian says, “That’s the million dollar question (laughs). It’s rewarding, super challenging and a character building experience.” He explains that the challenges they face sometimes feel bigger [than before], but when they make a win it’s an amazing feeling. Brian and Kayla work together to find a balance between their work and personal life. 

“[It’s] rewarding to build something together,” says Kayla. 

Brian and Kayla enjoy experiencing growth together with a team mindset. Five years from now, the couple plans to “stay nimble” and “continue catering to reinforce joy.”

Finding Flavor Inspirations

Inspirations for flavors come from the couple’s personal experiences. Some ideas are sparked by their favorite childhood ice creams or by sipping on fruity cocktails while traveling. The possibilities are endless. Joy Pop Co. sells bright and cheerful popsicles that are almost too pretty to eat (but too yummy to resist). On July 18, 2021, the family celebrated their dessert company’s second year anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, they released a new Birthday Cake flavor and hosted a giveaway on their Instagram.

Birthday Cake is a popsicle prepared with house-made vanilla frosting, fresh buttercream and dipped into vanilla cream with pastel sprinkles; Two other unique flavors that locals will love are Strawberry Shortcake–made with fresh picked strawberries, shortcake crumble made from scratch and a Nevada sourced sweet cream base; and Pineapple Chili Lime–a sweet and salty blend of juicy pineapple and chili lime salt. This frozen pop pairs well with a margarita.  Keep an eye out for their upcoming flavor Blackberry Mojito that they say is “on its way.”

Joy Pop Co. sells variety packs, creamy popsicles, fruity popsicles and vegan popsicles. Purchase their sweet treats at their pop-up cart at Downtown Summerlin’s Farmers Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They also sell their goodies in-store from their local partners or on their website. For special occasions, Joy Pop Co. catering services are a fun addition to any festivity such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

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