Is Jon Gruden Considering Suing the NFL?

Gruden is pleading his case that the emails leaked from the Washington Football team's investigation

Well Vegas fans, let me tell ya something. Jon Gruden is still dominating the NFL Headlines. One would think that a free-speaking-no-nonsense coach like Gruden who resigned, would just go away and let things be. But guess what? He’s back with a vengeance, again!

After being forced to depart from the Las Vegas Raiders Head football coaching position, Jon Gruden is suing the NFL. Even after making peace with owner Mark Davis, Gruden is using his legal rights as an American Citizen to tell the story from his own point of view. What we already know is that Gruden resigned from the team after the NFL leaked emails from 2011 of Gruden making comments that were considered to be, “racist, homophobic, and misogynistic.”

Gruden’s Legal Obligations

Pro Football Talk let the cat out of the bag by propping up the the question of why Gruden is pondering about filing complaints against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Gruden is pleading his case that the emails leaked from the Washington Football team’s investigation were used to try to get him removed from the league. While Gruden is most likely to not earn full victory from this case, an anonymous source from the NFL made it clear to’s Jason La Confora that, “This is anything but over.”

How this case can be resolved

While Gruden constructed his claiming points against the NFL and the commissioner, there might be more things occurring in this case behind closed doors that most NFL fans might not be aware of. He may have signed a liability agreement, in which the contract says that any claims he makes against the NFL could be used against him in this case. If that report is true, then Gruden may have to reconsider weighting his options. But longtime NFL fans who know Gruden’s personality, know that he’s an old-school, “tell it like it is type of person”.

Gruden; Raiders Contract Settlement

Just because Gruden is mad at the NFL, he and Raiders owner Mark Davis are on good terms. Even though Gruden had to resign as the Raiders head coach, it certainly came under circumstances of threats of termination. Gruden made a sneaky, tactical move when he signed a 10-year contract worth $100 million in 2019 to become the new head coach. Normally, a coach will sign this type of contract, but only to forget that sometimes, they sign a contract worth fully-guaranteed money. In this case, Gruden signed on, and had $40 million in remaining guaranteed payments.

Although the details of the settlement are kept confidential, the team still owes Gruden almost $40 million. Due to the way his situation ended, there is a good chance that he doesn’t walk away with the full $40 million. But as long as the Super bowl Sunday is February 13, 2022 this year, he won’t walk away empty-handed, either!

“He’s hurt, he’s really hurt, and I understand that,” Davis said regarding Gruden. “But he understands the ramifications of what he said. I love Jon and I love his family. We all have demons in our lives, and you have to understand that, and you also have to look at redemption as well.”

Via Vic Tafur of and owner Mark Davis said Wednesday that a settlement had been reached.

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