The Glass is More than Half Full for the Raiders’ Playoff Chances

A victory this Sunday night would secure a playoff spot for the Raiders

It’s time to get those hour glasses out and turned up. There are only two scenarios left for the Raiders to squeak into the post season.

In the final week of the regular season, the Los Angeles Chargers will be taking on the Las Vegas Raiders. The game has been flexed to 5:20 p.m. PT, for Sunday Night Football on NBC. Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot.

Playoff Chances

On Sunday, January 2, 2022, the Raiders (9-7) beat the Indianapolis Colts (9-7). That win now raises the Raiders’ hopes of making the playoffs. That brings their playoff chances up to 53 percent from 23 percent, which results in an uptick of 30 percent.

A victory this Sunday night would secure a playoff spot for the Raiders. They will be taking on the Los Angeles Chargers (9-7). They are lead by a second-year star in quarterback Justin Herbert.

Courtesy of Raiders Twitter Account

If the Raiders happen to lose on Sunday, don’t give up Raiders fans there’s still hope. If the Colts lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14), and the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1) lose or tie the Baltimore Ravens (8-8), The Raiders are in, despite the loss. It looks as simple as this:

1. LV win -or-

2. LV tie + IND loss -or-

3. IND loss + PIT loss or tie

So Raiders Nation, let’s worry about winning first, so it doesn’t come down to losing and hoping for assistant from other teams. As they say in football, “Control your own destiny and let the cards fall where they may”.

How It All Came About

From the troubles and mishaps of Jon Gruden being fired to the tragedy that occurred while Henry Ruggs III was driving under the influence of alcohol, things have greatly improved.

Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia has held the team together. They have been playing better team ball. The team’s morale has greatly improved.

The Raiders meant business and came together as a team to win some big games in the second-half of the season. The Silver and Black team beat the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving 36-33 in OT, the Cleveland Browns 16-14, the Denver Broncos 17-13 and then defeated the Indianapolis Colts 23-20.

Sure, they lost some in between, but they showed tremendous strength and teamwork to bring them where they belong today.

Courtesy of Black Hole Vegas Chapter Facebook Page

businesses Benefiting from Raiders Win

With the 23-20 win over the Colts on Sunday, Raider fans and business owners are counting on a Raider win over the Chargers. They have been waiting since 2016 to go to the playoffs again!

“A playoff game would be absolutely insane for this city,” manager of Sports-Town of USA, Angela GardonioBadaloni, told “Playoffs always bring a nice uptick of traffic,” she said, “and they always bring a really cool variety of customers out, too, which I always get excited for. There are always those people that only really care about the playoffs.”

Cisco Ortega, President of the Black Hole Las Vegas Chapter, said his group of fans are ready for the playoff drought to be over. “It’s just one thing after another,” he told “It’s like, what else can happen? I think it will really show the NFL world what this team is made of, what they had to overcome to get to this point.”

Ortega said there’s one thing the last game of the regular season boils down to: “Just win, baby.”

So Raiders fans, hopefully after reading this article, your team spirit glass is now full and the Raiders will take us to the playoffs!

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