El Cortez Puts a New Twist on Classic Roulette

The Cone by Richer Spin offers players a chance at 300-to-1 payouts

By Raymond Harrison

Roulette lovers rejoice!

El Cortez Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas recently became the first casino worldwide to offer The Cone by Richer Spin. This innovative new platform uses a second wheel, essentially delivering two outcomes on a single spin.

This variation gives gamblers a shot at epic payouts, with the maximum jackpots paying out as high as 100-to-1 and 300-to-1.

How Does It Work?

There are no changes to the traditional rules of the game, as The Cone serves as a side-betting platform. Players wager on the main wheel and then have the option to put a wager on The Cone wheel, as well.

The second wheel sits in the middle of the table and spins independently of the main wheel. There are 10 colored symbols on the second wheel; nine are silver and one is gold.

To hit the jackpots, a player must properly bet on the winning number from the main wheel, plus the winning symbol of The Cone wheel. A winning number, plus a silver symbol, pays out at 100-to-1, while a winning number with the gold symbol pays at 300-to-1.

Players can bet as little as $1 on The Cone, which makes the hefty payouts rather enticing.

A Unique Variation

Essentially, El Cortez is adding some extra flair to standard roulette. The Richer Spin team is also excited about the new experience.

Richar Fitoussi, owner of Richer Spin, actually landed his first casino job at The El Cortez in 1978.

“I am really proud to have made my casino debut at The El Cortez and to be returning with this exciting new experience,” Fitoussi said. “Everyone has been so enthusiastic about The Cone. If you love roulette, The El Cortez is the place to be.”

Adam Wiesberg, general manager of El Cortez, also shared the sentiment.

“Over the past 80 years, El Cortez has established itself as a world-renowned gambling house with great odds and great service,” Wiesberg said. “We have seen great early success with our first Richer Spin wheel and are about to install two more.”

We’ll see whether this addition to roulette catches on in other casinos in Las Vegas.

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