2020 On Repeat: The Ultimate Playlist, Vegas Style

Maybe we can't do everything like we did before, but we can still listen to good music

By OTS Staff

Although we want to put most of 2020 behind us, let’s not forget all the great music that helped us get through it. Music gave us a way to cope with this bizarre year. So in honor of this unforgettable era, we have compiled the ultimate Vegas playlist, with songs for every occasion. Whether it’s a jam to pump you up for a workout sesh or a track to bump on the way to buy groceries, we’ve got you covered with everyone from Dua Lipa to SAINt JHN to get the day lit.

Blinding Lights” The Weeknd

Vegas Mood: Pre-workout at TruFusion to get that blood flowing. On the way to the gym, this song is sure to energize you with it’s upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics. This is the kind of song I see people jamming to at stoplights in their car. Charge your batteries with The Weeknd’s song, “Blinding Lights.”

Dance Monkey” Tones & I

Vegas Mood: Pre-party in your room at The Cosmopolitan before heading out. As you fix your hair or paint on your eyeliner, put this music on to get in party mode. This Tones & I jam will get your feet moving and your head bopping in no time.

Roses” SAINt JHN

Vegas Mood: Dancing at the Club (AKA our bedrooms). Maybe we can’t go to the clubs this year, but we can turn our rooms into a dance party. There’s no shame in getting down in your PJs. Invent new moves so when the club reopens, you’ll be ready. Let SAINt JHN lead the way with his jam, “Roses.”

Don’t Start Now” Dua Lipa

Vegas Mood: Getting a brand new haircut at Michael Boychuk in The Stirling Club. Nothing feels better than getting a fresh haircut. Treat yo’ self with a new style. Let Dua Lipa’s song, “Don’t Start Now,” be your New Year, New Me anthem.

Before You Go” Lewis Capaldi

Vegas Mood: Ordering in Lotus of Siam to eat your feelings. Lewis Capaldi knows how to hit you right in the feels, too. His powerful vocals and emotional lyrics run deep. “Before You Go” is a song full of heart and soul.

Rockstar” DaBaby Feat. Roddy Ricch

Vegas Mood: Rolling into Circa ready to throw down some cash like DaBaby and Roddy Ricch while singing “Rockstar.” Throw your shoulders back, keep your head up and enjoy the royal treatment Circa offers. You’re a rockstar and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Someone You Loved” Lewis Capaldi

Vegas Mood: Reminiscing about when we could travel, go out regularly in groups, missing live entertainment? If you’re feeling blue, Capaldi will make you feel less alone. He knows how to put heartbreak into words like no other. Just remember, things can only get better from here.

Watermelon Sugar” Harry Styles

Vegas Mood:  Lounging at Red Rock Pool with a cocktail in hand. The ultimate summer jam has to be “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. If you’re missing the warm sun and colorful bathing suits right now, Styles’ song will give you the summer vibes you crave all year round.

Own It” STORMZY Feat. Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy

Vegas Mood: Vegas Makeover. These memes tell all. One thing’s for sure, Vegas always knows how to have a good time.

Before & After as told by Kristen Wiig:

The Box” Roddy Ricch

Vegas Mood: Top off, windows down, blaring music and cruising the Strip sounds like good a time, right? We’re pretty sure Vegas is Roddy Ricch’s spirit animal. Just like Vegas, he embraces being unique and free-spirited.

Say So” Doja Cat

Vegas Mood: Listening to Doja Cat while walking through Fashion Show Mall be like …

“Lonely” Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco

Vegas Mood: Enjoying a lonesome stroll down the Strip. While it seems quiet now, it won’t always be this way. The scenery on the Strip continues to inspire us, no matter what.

“Adore You” Harry Styles

Vegas Mood: Grabbing dinner at GIADA with your BAE. It’s time for a date night!

“Physical” Dua Lipa

Vegas Mood: Cheers to dancing at Blue Martini with your heels on, a cocktail in hand, and a rush of feel good vibes with your friends.

“Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

Vegas Mood: Getting dressed up for a fancy dinner at Bazaar Meat. Sometimes it just feels good to get all fancied up and go somewhere special. Don’t forget to snap some photos for Insta.

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