A Night Out With G-Eazy and Zouk Group

G-Eazy celebrates the release of his new album at Resorts World

By David Morris | Las Vegas, NV | Resorts World

It’s 9 p.m. on a school night (this past Thursday), but you wouldn’t know it by the steady stream of Las Vegas (hospitality) industry heavyweights, models as well as in-the-know locals and tourists who are pouring into FuhuZouk Groups vibey pan-Asian eatery. While the front room has a definite buzz, Resorts World’s VP of Lifestyle Marketing and Nightlife czar, Ronn Nicolli, is on hand personally welcoming guests and mentions that tonight will be an especially good one. 

While we knew that Zouk Group would be aggressively positioning itself as the city’s premiere Thursday night haunt, we didn’t realize how hard they were going until we received a last-minute invite to chat with Bay Area Hip Hop legend Gerald “G-Eazy” Gillum’s during his album release. The intimate soiree saw G-Eazy taking over Fuhu’s back room and patio. Here even more models, music types and an extremely fashion forward set sipped Aperol Spritzes, champagne and Green Gold cocktails (think East Asian Margarita with blend of Casamigos Repasado, pineapple, peppers and matcha).

Between bites of salmon sashimi, Korean-inspired fried chicken, Goma crab handrolls and five-spiced Peking duck, G-Eazy and I stepped inside one of Ayu Dayclub’s cabanas to chat about his new album “These Things Happen Too,” his Resorts World partnership and fashion.

OTS Contributor David Morris chatting with G-Eazy.

These Things Happen Too” is titled after your third studio release. Is this a follow up?

Well, it depends on how you count. I probably released my first body of work when I was 14 or 15, but we just won’t count those. They were pretty bad. I would say my first real project was “These Things Happen.” That was my first real album. That was the first thing I did on RCA. So yeah, I mean, this a full circle trip back home to celebrate everything that album did for me and everywhere it took me and the impact it’s had on my life. I think “These Things Happened” and “These Things Happened Too” are like bookends.

The first one, I was a wide-eyed kid with all the ambition and naivety in the world about wanting to set off into space and accomplish all these dreams and goals. And this is kind of the return back home, if you will, it’s like the full circle journey of the spaceship landing back home, a return to form, a full circle in a way. But at the same time, it’s an acknowledgement of the impact the trip has had on me. The spaceship is a little banged up and bruised and dirty, but ultimately my bones are still here.

You’re someone who is known for your collaborations and this album is no exception (featuring Little Wayne et al.). Can you share a little bit about your collaborative process?

It just depends on the song, but I will say that I think when there’s an actual history or relationship or reason why you really want somebody in particular on a certain song, it just comes out better. Wayne is somebody who’s impacted my life and career so much in so many ways. Lil Wayne is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I moved to New Orleans in 2007, not too long after Katrina. But the first year I was there he released Carter III. So you can imagine the temperature in that city, his city, and what it was like living there and being impacted by it and influenced by it and being in awe of it as a super fan.

What track on this album are you most excited about?

“Wicked Game.” I covered Chris Isaak and I really pushed myself. It was a new challenge for me learning how to sing. And you can kind of get into a comfort zone sometimes doing something that you’ve been doing for a very long time. There’s certain mechanics that you just need to develop. It’s rare to find new things to really challenge and push you. And singing was like starting over from scratch almost. I’m proud of the performance on that song and it’s also just a timeless song that I’m excited to kind of reintroduce to a new generation.

Is it true you recorded over 175 songs for this album?


That’s pretty specific.

Yeah. Well, we looked it up. We counted the different folders that we store the songs in, a lot of files.

How did you cut that down?

I mean, it’s exhausting. And I’m not a fan of killing babies and I’m also not a fan of half-assing anything. If I show up, I show up to be present and to try to give a song my all, otherwise I just don’t do it. Those are 438 songs that I’ve attentively applied myself and put my all into. So, it’s hard, but ultimately that’s how you chisel it away and make something great.

You could have launched your album anywhere. Why here at Resorts World?

It’s been incredible so far. This partnership has been… It’s been nothing short of phenomenal. The synergy, the chemistry, the energy is just great. And I mean, this is Las Vegas. It’s just that I can’t think of a crazier place to celebrate the eve of the release of an album.

Any other partnerships you’re working on?

I’m really excited also about my artist Kossisko. He’s the first artist I’ve signed. He has an incredible album. It’s coming out in a couple of weeks. He’s on my album. He’s on “Running Wild.”

How did that project start?

I mean, tons of mutual friends and we basically grew up together. He’s from Berkeley, California. I’ve been a fan of his music and everything he’s been doing for the longest as well as being a friend. But I just, I believe in him, so it’s fun to get to work with people that you truly believe in and that you truly have a friendship with.

One last thing… Your shirt is fire. Can I ask you which designers you’re into at the moment?

Saint Laurent, Celine and new Bottega.

Watch an exclusive behind the scenes video from the interview below.

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