5 Things We Love About Vegas Headliner Lady Gaga

We could give you a million reasons why we love Gaga and her return

Sheee’s back! Mother Monster herself Lady Gaga is prepping to electrify the Vegas strip once again with the return of her Las Vegas residency, well one of her two residencies that is. And we are so ready for it. 

Gaga posted to her social media that she was Vegas bound. That kicked up our excitement to level 10. When we saw the boa she wore made out of $100 bills, well that took it up to a 15, on a scale of one to five that is. Frankly, it made us want to just dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance. 

Get ready for Gaga and Tony Bennett to take the stage at Dolby Live for Lady Gaga Jazz and Piano this October!

We could give you a million reasons why we love Gaga. Some reasons are shallow, others are so serious they require a poker face. We could rave about her makeup line, Haus of Gaga. We could gush over her latest album with Tony Bennett. We could highlight her drop-ins with band leader Brian Newman at his “Brian Newman After Dark” residency at the Nomad. But frankly we need to be done before she hits the stage again at the Park MGM tomorrow night. So, we settled on five things we love about Gaga. 

So, break out the sour candy, put your telephone on ‘do not disturb’ and see if you can count the number of Gaga songs we can fit into this one article. 


Lady Gaga is versatile with a capital ‘V.’ She is a Golden Globe winner, albeit for a song, but she certainly does have acting chops. Her role in the remake of “A Star is Born,” and subsequent appearance promoting the film, made the world actually think she and co-star Bradley Cooper were a thing. She maintains they were not, but no judgement regardless. Hell, that performance of “Shallow” at the Golden Globes had us all wanting to call 911 because it was so fire. Whether it was a love game or not, it was hella fun to watch it all unfold.  Her next role is in the highly anticipated “House of Gucci” with Jared Leto and Adam Driver. It is due out later this year. 


Gaga embraces and conquers every piece on the fashion wheel. Eccentric, exotic, erotic she slays them all! Gaga owns red carpet looks with fashion so exquisite she leaves our mouths open wide enough to drive all the cars of the Las Vegas Speedway through. Honestly, we are still reeling from her inauguration look with the President of the United States. That is not to say that she is all about the clothes.

On the contrary. Some of her best “looks” are natural. It should go without saying that without her confidence shining though her fashion sense is likely to fall flat, right off that edge of glory. 


Lady Gaga is, what I refer to as, the human bra – she supports people. This is especially true for the LGBTQ+ community. Her unwavering encouragement often has Gaga speaking out against hate and prejudice. Her feeling, if I may be so bold to paraphrase, is that you are born this way and you are perfect, period. 


The girl can sing. She can belt out a song like few I’ve ever seen live. It’s not at all uncommon for fans to be brought to tears in her live performances. Her raw vulnerability is beautiful. And the thing is it’s beautiful whether it’s live, on screen, or in a recording studio. Her musical talents go far beyond the microphone too. Gaga plays the piano and other musical instruments like a champ. 

Listen to Gaga’s hits – and many others – from our resident artist playlist.


Sure, she’s radiant on the red carpet and unfairly talented on stage. But it’s her humanity that makes us love her the most. Gaga formed a foundation called “Born This Way.” The goal is super simple. Make the world a kinder, braver place for everyone. Here in Las Vegas Gaga is doubling down on that message. At each of her concerts there is a pop up present. Her foundation continues to work in schools and throughout the valley to offer support of mental health, particularly in younger adults. 

Pandemic be damned, the Born this Way Foundation has continued, under the helm of Gaga, to eliminate the stigma of mental health. Especially at a time when we people are so fragile. 

Lady Gaga returns to the Dolby Live (formerly Park Theater) at Park MGM tomorrow night for her Jazz and Piano residency. Show time is 8 p.m. Future dates include October  16, 17, 21 ,23, 24, 28, 30, 31. Tickets start at just over $210 dollars. For more information, you can go to the Park MGM website. 

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