Dr. Jeannie Khavkin Makes Las Vegas More Beautiful

With the recent increase in video meetings, there is a surge of patients coming in with facial insecurities

By Emmy Kasten

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeannie Khavkin helps Las Vegans look their best by embracing what is new, now and next in the industry. Since finishing her training in 2010, she quickly gained an impeccable reputation amongst the city’s most discerning beauties as the discreet, go-to expert for natural-looking enhancements for the face.

“The face is such a big part of our identity,” says Dr. Khavkin, who strives to achieve facial harmony and balance with every patient. “Every millimeter counts, and I enjoy that kind of challenge and attention to detail.” 

In November 2018, she opened Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in a convenient storefront location to better service her impressive list of elite clientele. There, “Dr. Jeannie” (as she is widely known by her friends and patients) skillfully injects, lifts and fills her clients’ visages to achieve confidence-boosting rejuvenation. Her years of training give her an expert edge over other establishments who use non-physicians to perform the same procedures.

With the recent boom in video meetings, Dr. Khavkin has noticed a surge in addressing facial insecurities. Though injectable treatments remain very popular, the trends show an increased focus on treating the lower face, jawline and neck. To address this, she is staying ahead of the curve by introducing a new minimally invasive procedure to our valley.

“With the rise of the use of Zoom, I am the first person in Las Vegas to offer MyEllevate, which is also known as a Zoom Lift,” she says. “It is a permanent suture suspension for the neck that sharpens your jawline and helps to get rid of neck bands.” 

The first doctor in Las Vegas to offer MyEllevate™. Call 702.762.3223 http://bit.ly/myellevate

Posted by Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery on Friday, February 19, 2021

The innovative, new procedure is performed under local anesthesia in usually less than an hour with minimal downtime. MyEllevate’s long lasting, natural outcome fits perfectly with Dr. Khavkin’s hallmark results.

As a successful business owner, wife and mother of three, Dr. Khavkin understands the demands on women in the modern world. While her practice continues to flourish, she makes sure to take time for her family and herself, though—despite her exterior composure—the latter can sometimes seem nearly impossible when she is pulled in multiple directions. She admires individuals who have drive and ambition that know how to give support and—perhaps more importantly—how to accept support when they need it. 

“I am always very inspired by other strong women who know how to balance their successful careers and family life,” she says. “Other strong women are never a threat, they are motivation.” 

Nuance Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, 3605 S. Town Center Dr., Suite C, 702.762.3223, nuancelasvegas.com

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