Get to Know Our Newest InstaBFF @Andrwkyle

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet our newest Insta BFF @Andrwkyle

@OTS Staff: By day you are…

@Andrwkyle: The director of event marketing at TAO Group Hospitality. I am a corporate event planner and marketing strategist all in one – a party in a box!

OTS Staff: By night you are …

Andrwkyle: A dedicated group fitness participant at Lifetime Athletic. I may or may not be a late-night fast food connoisseur in the same vein… I need to make up for all the calories I burn!

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Andrwkyle: Circa 2011 – 9 years in the making! This was the year I graduated from UNLV and landed my first big boy gig at TAO Group – both milestone moments in my life that deserved memorializing in the classic filters of an early Instagram era!

OTS Staff: First post?

Andrwkyle: A delicately-angled moment at a Latin Grammys After Party at Mandalay Bay Beach. Had to end the caption with the first of many #VEGAS hashtags. Also, don’t wear a three piece suit to the beach.

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Andrwkyle: A photo of me at Revolve Festival during Coachella Weekend in 2019. Reason #1. Coachella is a social media content gold mine for influencers #IYKYK (#IfYouKnowYouKnow). If you were an influencer at Coachella that weekend, you definitely took a photo at @revolve‘s amazing rose staircase. Reason #2. It took 4 hours of intricate hair braiding from my dear friend, @sarahfbabeee, so I was hoping ya’ll would notice!

OTS Staff: Why do you love Insta?

Andrwkyle: It’s the original social media platform that really trail blazed the path f creative content creation using photos (and, later, video) and the industry of social media marketing as we know it today. Less text, more photos! And the filters always give everyone’s photos that extra shine to make them post-worthy.

OTS Staff: Tik Tok or Nah?

Andrwkyle: Nah.  I didn’t get carded when I walked in the room and quickly realized this wasn’t the spot for me.

OTS Staff: Who’s in your DMs?

Andrwkyle: Sorry, I’m not a club promoter.

OTS Staff: What’s your secret to a great ‘gram?

Andrwkyle: Consistent aesthetic throughout the timeline and a solid inventory of jaw-dropping captions for any given occasion are musts.

OTS Staff: Tips on how to build a following? What is your secret to success?

Andrwkyle: Engagement is a two way street – thank your fans with some likes / comments / emojis in return. An organic following will yield impactful analytics that attract brands for collaborations and followers for compounding long-term engagement.

OTS Staff: Greatest wish for 2021?

Andrwkyle: “World Peace” ???? ✌????

OTS Staff: Who is your Insta BFF?

???? @imdenisenicole for your next Insta-worthy photo!

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