Best Restaurants in Las Vegas Off The Strip

Taste Instagram worthy culinary wonders from local hotspots off the strip

By OTS Staff


Pork Skewers – Raku Las Vegas

Welcoming guests with a mix of house-made tofu and sashimi, along with gooey beef tendon and duck skewers, makes this restaurant a winner. Raku is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas off The Strip, as well as one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas.

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Sparrow + Wolf

Uni Melt – Sparrow + Wolf Las Vegas

The head chef, Brian Howard, at the acclaimed Sparrow + Wolf has decades of experience. His cooking style is bold, and the menu is spiced up with a mix of cultural fusion and flavors that make every bite as memorable as the last. Howard is also a participating chef in Vegas Unstripped 2021.

Sea urchin is one of Howard’s favorite ingredients, and he uses it in new ways like the uni melt, a delicious sandwich with burrata and blood orange kosho, or clams casino with lap cheong sausage and uni hollandaise. The food is fresh, bold, and unlike anything else.


Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches – CRAFTkitchen Las Vegas

Families will enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of CRAFTkitchen, which offers a range of hearty dishes, including the chicken sandwich which they are known for, as well as vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-friendly options.

CRAFTkitchen takes American classics and adds a unique twist to the dish which takes it to the next level! The food is fresh and uses in-season ingredients which means the menu is constantly adapting to ensure guests get the freshest and most delectable food off The Strip!

Kitchen Table

Peaches and Cream Pancakes – Kitchen Table Las Vegas

The team at Kitchen Table, led by Chef Javier Chavez, offers a breakfast and lunch menu at this laid-back Henderson restaurant. A challenging and inviting menu awaits you at Kitchen Table. It’s a restaurant off The Strip that culinary connoisseurs have to try!

There are simple options like pancakes and waffles, but adventurous diners will appreciate the seared foie gras topping on their dishes. A variety of lunch options are available, including hamburgers, chopped salad, and Monte Cristos.

Island Sushi & Grill

Chicken Katsu – Island Sushi and Grill Las Vegas

As a land-locked city, Las Vegas has been nicknamed the ninth island because of its popularity among Hawaiians. Fresh sushi and a full menu will transport you back to Hawaii at Island Sushi and Grill. With your spam-fried eggs, you can have a chunky tuna poke meal. It is the perfect combination designed to leave you both full and satisfied. 

If you’re dining at Island Sushi & Grill, don’t forget to end your meal with the doughy Portuguese donut known as a Malasada. There is something for everyone at this restaurant, a food journey that you will be talking about for weeks to come!


Moules Frites, Fresh Mussels – Partage Las Vegas

If you are craving seasonal ingredients elevated by French culinary traditions, then Partage is going to be your next food stop! Chef Yuri Szarzewski and his culinary team make Partage an oasis for French enthusiasts seeking top-quality food and wine in cities like Paris, Lyon, and Strasbourg.  

The food and wine pairings are out of this world! The restaurant provides guests with a great atmosphere that all can enjoy. It is a sophisticated restaurant that provides a refined palate with gorgeous food that is Instagram-worthy and hearty at the same time.

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