Listen to The Killers’ Deluxe Version of ‘Imploding The Mirage’

The upgraded release has a new track and live versions of two favorites

By Nicole Cormier

Our geographically estranged band of hometown heroes, The Killers, upgraded their critically acclaimed release, Imploding The Mirage, with new and re-released tracks. The Deluxe collection of their sixth studio release features a brand-new song, “C’est La Vie,” as well as live versions of “Blowback” and “Caution.” 

The album, named for frontman Brandon Flowers’ relocation to Park City, Utah, is not a literal nod to the on the Strip resort. Instead, it’s a symbolic statement about leaving behind the illusion that Las Vegas can cast. He details its premise in a recent interview with Forbes

“We were accustomed to landmarks of our life being imploded, places that our grandparents used to work or [where] we would go get breakfast on Christmas morning,” Flowers says. “They implode things in Las Vegas. So, I used that analogy for my move out of Las Vegas. I think it’s about growing up, about realizing what’s important in your life. And instead of replacing it with another mirage or another facade, replacing it with something eternal and real.”

The matured project’s re-release comes at the best possible time. Although the band debuted singles from Imploding The Mirage on various TV shows (like Good Morning America and CBS This Morning), the Deluxe version will do its part to quell eager fans until the band can tour the album. Speaking of touring, optimistic tour dates are set for a launch across the pond, with the first show on May 25, 2021, in Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium. 

For fans who don’t want to hold their breath for the tour, Imploding The Mirage (Deluxe) is available now streaming on all the typical channels. 

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