Get to Know @LindseyGurk from ‘Las Vegas Now’

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet this television host and mommy blogger

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@LindseyGurk: A mom of two, TV personality, content creator for social media.

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Lindsey Gurk: Still all those things, just add wine ;).

OTS Staff: ???? ???? We sympathize!!! Red or white???

Lindsey Gurk: White! Chardonnay, si vous plait ????.

OTS Staff: Love, love!

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Lindsey Gurk: I joined back in 2012 but didn’t really start posting regularly until 2016.

OTS Staff: First post?

Lindsey Gurk: Oh, Lord. I think it was on the patio of our first condo in Vegas. I was holding a rose and sitting on a plastic chair. Full-blown early Instagram filter, too. Classic.

OTS Staff: The things we used to do!

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Lindsey Gurk: I posted an Instagram Reels video recently where I act out a conversation I imagine my kids having (because I feel like they plot against me on the reg), and it’s my most popular post to date. Over 3 million views at this point. I think people like it because they can relate to the madness (whether they’re a mom or not!)

OTS Staff: Haha!! You make us laugh so hard!!! It was so funny …

OTS Staff: What’s the top comment you get from other moms about your adventures in momland?

Lindsey Gurk: A lot of times, I have moms just thanking me for my honesty, and they feel like they can relate. It makes me so happy. If I can help other women feel like they aren’t alone or put a smile on their face when they’re having a tough day, then mission accomplished.

OTS Staff: We always say being a mom is the toughest job of all!!!

Lindsey Gurk: So true! ????????

OTS Staff: What’s one thing you won’t post about your home life or otherwise?

Lindsey Gurk: ???? My husband in his Speedo. For my eyes only. ????????????

OTS Staff: ???? How do the kids feel about social?

Lindsey Gurk: Well, Penny just discovered her hands, so she’s pretty clueless ????, but Ollie seems to really enjoy it! I never pressure him into doing anything, but sometimes he’ll ask me to take a picture of him and Penny or grabs my tripod and asks to dance. Then he likes to watch the video. He’s quite the entertainer. Go figure.

OTS Staff: It’s in the blood!!! Side note … when did you get your blue check, and how did that feel?

Lindsey Gurk: I think I got it end of 2019? It felt good, but mostly because I feel like it’ll help prevent me from getting hacked again. I had a Croatian hacker hold my account for ransom back in 2018. I got it figured out, but it was annoying.

OTS Staff: Oh, wow, an insta pirate … that sux!!!

OTS Staff: What’s the top challenge of being an Insta famous mom? Best and worst thing?

Lindsey Gurk: The hardest part is probably the trolls. But you learn to disregard it. The best thing is feeling like I have a community of strong women supporting me. I don’t look at them as followers. I look at them as friends, which may sound cheesy, but it’s true.

OTS Staff: It’s all about community!!! ????????????????

OTS Staff: Is your mom on Insta?

Lindsey Gurk: No, sadly she passed away back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my son.

OTS Staff: We are so sorry! An angel looking down upon your beauty and grace for sure ????.

Lindsey Gurk: Absolutely.

OTS Staff: Why do you love Insta?

Lindsey Gurk: I think it connects people who may have never met otherwise. I also think it’s a great place to find support or maybe just a laugh when you need to chill.

OTS Staff: It’s a great way to check out and get inspired!!! We agree … but always in moderation, too … Can you live without it?

Lindsey Gurk: Sure! I can live without most things. Doesn’t mean I want to!

OTS Staff: We hear you!!!

OTS Staff: Fave follow?

Lindsey Gurk: I can’t choose!

OTS Staff: TikTok or nah?

Lindsey Gurk: 100% yes. It’s a party over there!

OTS Staff: Would you give up Insta for Tik?

Lindsey Gurk: No, you can have two best friends. They’re different, and you love them for different reasons.

OTS Staff: Great answer! Account you can’t live without?

Lindsey Gurk: Honestly, I can’t choose!

OTS Staff: OK, we will settle down ???? ????. Who’s in your DMs?

Lindsey Gurk: Mostly celebrities. Just kidding. My friends, family and other mamas.

OTS Staff: Who’s your fave collab or top collab right now?

Lindsey Gurk: Oh, I’ve worked with a lot of great brands! My favorites are the ones who allow me to be creative and don’t have too many rules or guidelines. Those are the best!

OTS Staff: Greatest wish for 2021?

Lindsey Gurk: For us all to just be kind to one another. You don’t have to agree with everyone. Different opinions make the world better! But we should be accepting of others.

OTS Staff: Words of wisdom!!! We love that.

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie?

Lindsey Gurk: @offthestrip ????

OTS Staff: Love love you. Thx for being our insta BFF.

Lindsey Gurk: Thank YOU! ????????????

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