Animal Shelters in the Las Vegas Area

Heaven Can Wait is a non profit local animal shelter. Offering services for cats and dogs looking for a new furever home. With a wide selection and knowledgeable staff you are sure to get the information you need.

Phone: (702) 227-5555

7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy #175
Las Vegas, NV

The animal shelter that is run and worked by the city of Henderson. Offering services for lost pets, licensing, and adoptable pets.

Phone: (702) 267-4970

300 E Galleria
Henderson, NV

The Nevada S.P.C.A. is a animal shelter for many animals. They have services, for rabbits, dogs, cats and many other animals.

Phone: (702) 873-7722

4800 W Dewey Dr
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

Animal Kingdom & Daycare have 20 plus years of experience providing every level of grooming from nail trimming, teeth cleaning, anal gland, haircuts to a basic bath and brush. We strive to treat your Beloved Pet like Royalty.

Phone: (702) 631-3611

2065 N Jones Blvd
Centennial Hills
Las Vegas, NV

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The Poppy Foundation is a charity that rescues cats who have been abused or abandoned. They also provide care for special needs cats and cat who aren't entirely adoptable.

Phone: (702) 438-7000

6620 Skypoint Dr
Centennial Hills
Las Vegas, NV

Hearts Alive Village is a locally owned ran but mostly volunteers of the community around it. Putting their best efforts to help as many animals as possible.

Phone: (702) 870-0065

1750 S Rainbow Blvd #4
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

A rescue that focuses on Doberman Pinschers. A breed often looked down upon and seen as very aggressive. They take the stigma away and shelter and care for these pets and help them find new forever homes.

Phone: (702) 672-7204

6380 Golden Goose Lane
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

A shelter for ferrets needing a new place to live. Offering lots of room to play, friendly mates and tons of area to rest. This place brings peace to those ferrets waiting for their new home.

Phone: (702) 576-6274

4344 Bacara Ridge Ave
North Las Vegas, NV

Founded in 1978, The Animal Foundation is a Las Vegas nonprofit running a large open-admission animal shelter and pet adoption center. The foundation's services include pet admission, lost & found, adoption, spay & neuter and vaccination.

Phone: (702) 384-3333

655 N Mojave Rd
Las Vegas, NV