Psychiatrists in the Las Vegas Area

Ingham Robert, MD specializes in neurology for medical diagnoses such as sleep disorder, vertigo and dizziness finding the best treatments fit for you.

Phone: (702) 227-6947

2940 S Jones Blvd #E
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

Achor Valley Therapy Services is a counselling service that specializes in behavioral therapy. They have a variety of services ranging from individual counseling, family therapy to psycho-social rehabilitation.

Phone: (702) 361-8800

4570 S Eastern Ave Unit 28
Las Vegas, NV

As a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, Dr. Jim Jobin has all the tools necessary to fix the life problems you throw his way. Dr. Jobin has therapy sessions and emotional support sessions available and is very qualified to do so.

Phone: (702) 625-4063

9488 W Flamingo #102
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

Wolfson Medical Centers offer excellent patient care. For over fifteen years, Dr. Wolfson builds an amazing practice that is always growing. This location is on West Tropicana Avenue.

Phone: (702) 452-2525

6803 W Tropicana Ave #100
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

At the Mind Brain Institute, there is treatment offered for those who are dealing with emotional disorders. Unique services that are available are TMS, neurofeedback, tomatic, and more.

Phone: (702) 987-6174

4958 S Rainbow Blvd #100
Spring Valley
Las Vegas, NV

Seven Hills Hospital provides care for all age groups. No matter what age, compassionate care is always at service for anyone dealing with an issue.

Phone: (702) 919-6182

3021 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Henderson, NV

HOPE Counseling Services is the place to go to get through traumatic events. They treat both adults and young people with problems stemming from events such as accidents, abuse, and divorce. They also help people with personality disorders.

Phone: (702) 437-4673

6600 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Central Psychiatry is a psychiatric hospital that provides patient care and treatment to people with various mental conditions.

Phone: (702) 380-8200

5440 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Treating Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, and Drug & Alcohol addiction. Offering IV Ketamine, BR+NAD, Mulitvitamin, and Hydration Therapy. Highly effective for treatment resistant patients. Administered in a safe and private clinic.

Phone: (702) 763-7375

1510 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway
Green Valley
Henderson, NV