Grocery Stores in the Las Vegas Area

Greenland Supermarket is a Korean supermarket. Their hot food section is great where you can get tteotbokki, pajeon, pan fried fish, and more. They also have a food court. They have a good meat section.

Phone: (702) 459-7878

6850 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Japanese Creek Market is a small produce market with imported goods. They have fresh vegetables and fruits. They also serve box lunches as well.

Phone: (702) 538-9857

9310 S Eastern Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Dakao Sandwiches brings something unique to Las Vegas - Vietnamese sandwiches at very affordable prices. The restaurant has already made the term "Banh Mi" popular. You can also relish the homemade Vietnamese soup they serve.

Phone: (702) 221-0930

5700 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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Vegas 808 in the California Hotel has various beef jerky and Hawaiian & Japanese candies options. The beef jerky options are great from flavors that include sweet & spicy to teriyaki.

Phone: (702) 388-8855

12 E Ogden Ave
Las Vegas, NV

California Hotel & Casino

La Islena Market was established in 2005 having more than 25 years of experience specializing in having a large variety of products from grocery to meat and fruit & vegies.

Phone: (702) 645-3046

2405 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Maria's Market is a convenient store where you can get your household products and get some Mexican food at the taco shop inside the store.

Phone: (702) 547-3955

3310 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

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Highland Poultry is the only place in Las Vegas that sells live chicken and duck. Many people, especially Asians, like to visit this place to get fresh poultry to make their meals healthier and tastier.

Phone: (702) 437-2888

3200 Procyon St
Las Vegas, NV

Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co is a great place to shop for fresh lobsters, fishes and many more. They offer both retail price and wholesale price, so anyone can purchase regardless of their purpose.

Phone: (702) 739-6020

6065 Polaris Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Located Downtown Las Vegas, Downtown 3rd Farmers Market is a great place to have a day out shopping, then eat somewhere nearby and end the night walking the Fremont Street.

Phone: (541) 941-0386

300 N Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Owens Supermarket offers great customer service with great quality food the store is clean and very well organized. They offer great customer service and fast efficient lines.

Phone: (702) 452-6615

4740 E Owens Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Fiesta Discount Market is a convenience store that sells a wide range of everyday items as well as food & beverages, they are also open 24 hours. The business is run by a family and it was opened in 2003.

Phone: (702) 433-2123

7010 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Chevron contains multiple gas pumps available offering Regular, Plus, and Supreme with Techron gasoline. They also offer a diesel. It is a quick and convenient place to stop. The store is clean and has a great selection of products to choose from.

Phone: (702) 798-6400

9475 W Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Laos Asia Market is a typical Asian market. They also have a small kitchen. The food is great there. They accept credit cards and have private parking lots. It is located on the corner of McLeod and Desert Inn.

Phone: (702) 650-0245

3050 E Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Green Valley Grocery is located close to South Point Hotel & Casino. The place is very clean and the staff is very friendly. You can also get coffee and some drinks at very low prices. The staff is also friendly.

Phone: (702) 617-3278

9692 Las Vegas S Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Green Valley Grocery is a 24 hour store specializing in offering household related products to grab on the go. They offer snacks, beer, liquor, beverages, and more at affordable prices. They have slot machines inside the store.

Phone: (702) 215-0769

5750 E Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Green Valley Grocery is a multiple chain store with various locations in the Las Vegas area providing household products at great prices. They have slot machines available for people to enjoy and play. The staff are friendly.

Phone: (702) 644-9219

6875 W Russell Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Kwik-E Mart is 24 hour store that has great snacks and drinks options to choose from. This location is a really convenient spot to get all the things you need by just going in and out.

Phone: (702) 405-8119

9265 S Cimarron Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Rebel Laundromat and Mini Mart serves the purpose of doing your laundry while having a convenience store for food & drink. They have free detergent with your loads as a plus.

Phone: (702) 740-4345

4550 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV

Don't let the place's exterior stop you from coming because Sunshine For Your Health will provide you with great products and friendly service.

Phone: (702) 639-6535

947 N Pecos Rd
Las Vegas, NV

Biggie Smoke Shop is an awesome place to shop for awesome products. The staff is very courteous and provides great professional services.

Phone: (702) 399-2406

3100 E Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV